About LaShondra

Learning the CEO

Lashondra C. Davis is the true definition of kindness, love, and integrity. Davis, was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, a city that allows exploration of your dreams to flourish! She has a passion for helping others in all ways possible, and because of this, her life’s tasks requires of her.

Academically, LaShondra Davis received an undergraduate degree at American Intercontinental University. Continuing her education, she is currently pursuing her masters degree in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University and to earn a certification as a Office Accounting Specialist, at Atlanta Technical College.

With the knowledge, expertise, and experience, LaShondra has a desire to become a freelance administrative and marketing consultant, who specializes in variety of services.

She is passionate and dedicated in providing services that will balance the personal and business lifestyles of creative professionals within the music and film industry, who find it hard to seek guidance in their paths of artist development and brand development.

Since 2009, Lashondra’s journey as a multi-purposed assistant to a rising music artist boost her confidence and passion to want to serve independent entrepreneurs even more. Then in 2016, I was blessed to serve an additional on-going potential client who has to be known as an event planner. From this experience and knowledge, Davis developed a tougher backbone to tolerate and manage with the chaotic circumstances. This helped determined my niche.

It is her primary objective to reach all independent musicians, event planners, motivational speakers, and additional creative professionals. This objective is to ensure that these potential clients are appreciative with the Art of Administration and Business. It is her mission to provide stability to their personal and business lifestyles.