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I'm LaShondra

An entrepreneur, change agent, author, healing enthusiast, executive administrator and determined business woman focused on helping to reclaim the freedom you desire to have personally and career wise. LaShondra  has dedicated her life to her passion for helping others in the midst of seeing them succeed. This is the result of The Warriors Hub Network (tm). Impact-Site-Verification: 44351509-52f1-493c-ae0e-a2ea21176bf1

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Every consultation with your accountability pal is with ease. Consults include discussions pertaining to a personal brand or business idea. 

The event management scale is perfect for entrepreneurs who need the assistance in setup, breakdown, or simple event planning and coordination.

The business operational scale is designated for that busy CEO who desire to take their hands off of tedious task to deliver with effective customer service.

Additional scales include, but not limited to project based tasks or one-time contingent needs. This is for you.

Now Offering One on One Sessions

One on One sessions with LaShondra are more personable for lifestyle coaching and counseling through The Warriors Hub Empowerment Network!

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